Swimming Pool Services In Montgomery, AL

At Mr. Pool, we specialize in creating your backyard oasis with swimming pools! As Montgomery's premier swimming pool service provider, including building your dream swimming pool with our new construction services.

Other swimming pool services include new liners, renovations, and pool care. We'll help you maintain clean water with our pool cleaning and maintenance services.

Get a free estimate for your new swimming pool or for repair and maintenance services today!

New Swimming Pool Construction In Alabama

Sparkling-clean water invite a healthy, active lifestyle. Our tools engineered to filter, clean, and sanitize water to its purest state, while automation makes it all easy to control from anywhere so that you can truly enjoy your pool and spa.

Standard Options For New Pools

  • Installation of walls & concrete footing
  • Concrete bottom
  • Liner over stairs
  • Cantilever coping
  • Ladder and handrail
  • Energy-efficient pump
  • Two jets in the steps
  • Automatic cleaner line
  • Four or more returns
  • Two skimmers and two main drains
  • Liner choice: 20 mil or 27 mil (taramgf.com)
  • Concrete deck (10 ft.) ends and (6 ft.) sides
  • Maintenance tools
  • Training
  • Balance Chemicals
  • One-year warranty on construction
  • 10 percent off on all chemicals

Custom Options And Accessories

  • Spray Deck with Paver Borders
  • Custom Bench w/ Jets
  • Custom Waterfall
  • Custom Fireplace
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Hot Tub
  • Safety Cover
  • Safety Fence

Optional Swimming Pool Accessories

  • Automatic Cleaner with booster pump
  • Diving board
  • LED Color light
  • Slide
  • Salt System
  • White light
  • Deck Jets
  • iOS/Android Control Systems
  • Gas Heaters
  • Electric Heat Pump with chiller
  • Landscaping
  • Extra concrete

Choose From The Following Sizes

  • 12 x 24
  • 14 x 28
  • 16 x 32
  • 18 x 36
  • 20 x 40

Swimming Pool Liners In Montgomery, AL

There is no substitute for a Tara Liner. Each Tara Liner is built to fit one pool, yours. We use the highest quality virgin vinyl to fabricate a liner that fits every corner, slope, and feature. Our beautiful, distinctive liner patterns can bring a fresh splash of color to your backyard. Tara has been manufacturing vinyl liners for 30 years and our reputation speaks for itself. No other liner will last longer or look as beautiful as a Tara.

At Mr. Pool, we go above and beyond to take care of your pool. We use quality parts, liners, and tools: No Exceptions!

Quality Tara Liners For Liner Replacements In Alabama

  1. We start by draining the pool and removing the old liner.
  2. We acid wash the steps.
  3. We prep any imperfection in the bottom and prep the walls with wall foam if needed
  4. Install the new liner.
  5. Finally, with the new liner replacement, we also change out all gaskets, skimmer plates, return plates and drain cover.
You and your family are now ready to enjoy another season in the pool, just like new!

Alabama Pool Repairs And Maintenance

Pool maintenance is the most important investment you will make. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your pool and equipment, but it allows you the time to enjoy it. Our weekly service takes the work out of owning a swimming pool and allows you to relax and enjoy.

We have the experience and knowledge to troubleshoot and resolve any situation that may arise. You need a dependable pool professional to keep your water clean, safe and efficient.

Our Weekly Pool Services Plan Includes:

  • Netting top of the water
  • Brush walls
  • Vacuuming
  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets
  • Backwash filter
  • Inspect cleaning tools
  • Blow deck off
  • Check chemicals
  • Balance chemicals (extra charge for chemicals)

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Mr. Pool Has A Fully Trained And Staffed Services Department.

At Mr. Pool, our service department has over 50 years of combined experience. We take great pride in responding to your service request in a timely manner. Our service department has skilled technicians that are up to date on the latest technology. The service department uses quality factory parts as replacement parts.

Mr. Pool's Service Department Offers:

  • Liner Replacements
  • Salt Water Conversions
  • Motor Replacements and Repairs
  • Filter Replacements and Repairs
  • Pool Covering and Uncovering
  • Pool Restorations

Mr. Pool's Pool School

Learn how to clean your swimming pool from the experts. Our customers learn about how to take care of their pool properly!

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Mr. Pool specializes in custom-built residential swimming pools. Let us help you turn your backyard into your own personal vacation destination. Visit our retail location at the Montgomery showroom at 875 North East Blvd.

We are your pool professional for liner replacements, cleaning service, supplies, equipment, and repairs. Whether you are starting your very first pool or have a pool and just need it maintained, Mr. Pool has what you need. Contact us today to get started!