Replace Your Swimming Pool Liner with a Quality Findlay Liner in Alabama

There is no substitute for a Findlay Liner. Each Findlay Liner is built to fit one pool, yours. We use the highest quality virgin vinyl to fabricate a liner that fits every corner, slope, and feature of your pool. Our beautiful, distinctive liner patterns can bring a fresh splash of color to your backyard.

At Mr. Pool, we go above and beyond to take care of your pool. Mr Pool uses quality parts, liners, equipment: No Exceptions!

With Our Pool Liner Replacement, Your Pool Will Be Just Like New

Without swimming pool liners, water can leak out of your swimming pool and into the surrounding ground over time. Eventually, levels start to fall, forcing you to make expensive repairs or perform period refilling operations – not ideal.

With new inground pool liners from Mr. Pool, though, you can avoid this problem. Our vinyl liner replacement options cover the walls and floor of your pool to keep the water inside. Plus, they last a long time, feel good, and look great, improving your pool's aesthetics.

Mr. Pool has more than 15 years of experience as a leading vinyl pool construction and maintenance firm. As a family-owned business, we can help you find the right liner while providing you with regular maintenance and pool repair when necessary.

We operate in Montgomery, AL, and surrounding communities, including Auburn, Dothan, Enterprise, Troy, Tuscaloosa, and Andalusia.

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Pool liners don't last forever. Eventually, even the best-made products can crack, tear, fade, slip and start leaking, causing both vinyl and inground pools to lose water. When this happens, replacing the liner becomes necessary.

At Mr. Pool, we offer a new liner replacement service, installing expandable liners alongside a range of other liners in your pool when necessary. We always keep plenty of liners stocked in our warehouse for a range of different pools, including rectangular, oval, and round.

Before we begin work, we determine a suitable thickness for your new pool liner. Usually, we recommend thicker options for heavily used pools, particularly those used mainly for play and fun.

  • Swimming pool liner replacement begins by draining the pool and removing the old liner.
  • Our pool specialists then acid-wash the steps and correct any imperfections at the bottom of the pool, prepping the walls with foam if necessary.
  • After that, we install the new Findlay Liner, a proprietary product made of virgin vinyl, plus skimmer, gasket, and return plates.
  • We then wait for the liner to settle before refilling your pool and testing its water-holding abilities.

If you haven't replaced your liner for a while, now could be the time. Traditional pool liners need to be replaced every ten to fifteen years or so.

If you aren't sure whether you need to change yours, contact us and get advice from our friendly, family team. Just provide us with vital details on your current liner's condition and we will let you know whether it is worth replacing it.

While there are many pool liners on the market, we prefer the Findlay vinyl liner. Here is what makes it special:

  • Tough and durable, capable of withstanding joyful playfulness
  • Available in a range of light and dark colors and both regular and swirl patterns
  • Sourced from high-quality American manufacturers
  • No fillers, additives, or recycled materials that can crack, bleach and warp
  • UV-resistant making it ideal for outdoor pools
  • 2-year full replacement coverage on manufacturer's defects
  • 20-year prorated warranty

In summary, Findlay pool liners are designed to last. They also come with a guarantee making them a great investment for any family who wants to save money long-term on repairs.

Why Choose Mr. Pool?

There are many reasons to choose Mr. Pool for pool liner repair and replacement. For instance, we only use the highest quality Tara Liners designed to last and never try to cut corners with inferior products.

All liners from us are specifically designed to fit your pool and withstand the load's regular homeowners place on them. Liners conform to every contour of your pool regardless of its shape, ensuring that you get something that is not only water-tight but also looks great, too.

Once you purchase a liner for your pool, we start work quickly. Our team arrives at your location with all the equipment they need for the job. They then carry out work in an expert manner.

As a family-owned business, every member of our team is polite and professional. We love serving members of the community, giving them the most reliable and enjoyable pools. Regular maintenance extends the life of pools and equipment and maintains the value of your property, making it an excellent investment.

Mr. Pool aims to free you from unreliable pools. We believe that with the right approach, people can enjoy splashes and swims whenever they like.

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