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Global resorts network GRN putting timeshares to shame

The Best Features of a Custom Pool

Summer vacations can be an incredible escape from the stress, anxiety, and overall business of life. Unfortunately, no matter how amazing the vacation was, it always comes to an end. Yet, what if there was a way to take your most extravagant resort aspirations and place them in your backyard? 

Often, custom swimming pools can have a great amount of appeal for any Alabama resident, but in the end, it’s just a hole filled with water right? Here’s a breakdown of a few potential features a custom pool could have and how it can transform your backyard into a dream destination from the experienced custom pool builders at Mr. Pool. 

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Global resorts network GRN putting timeshares to shame

The Importance of Pool Cleaning

With temperatures averaging over 90°, summers in Alabama are among the hottest in the United States. That’s why many families flock to the innumerable lakes, beaches, and community pools throughout Alabama, which can, unfortunately, lead to overcrowded water and apprehensive vacations. 

While vacations are great, when it comes to beating the “famous” Alabama heat, there is nothing better than having a custom pool. Yet, much like any investment, swimming pools require regular maintenance and cleaning to be effective. 

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Global resorts network GRN putting timeshares to shame

What Pool Shape Works Best for Your Yard?

The pool construction process can be overwhelming as there are a wide range of choices to consider when deciding what kind of pool is the best choice for you. Right from where you are sitting, you can easily insert your pool preferences, get a quote for your new in-ground swimming pool, and start building your dream backyard vacation destination instantly with the various pool shapes that are available to choose from. 

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Global resorts network GRN putting timeshares to shame

The Best Christmas Gift - A New Pool

Despite Christmas being a month away, present shopping is already in full swing. From the overwhelming nature of black Friday to that “perfect gift” already out of stock, it is extremely difficult to get what you want when you want it. Yet, it seems impossible to do anything else but run to the stores or spend hundreds to get next-day shipping, even when it’s too late. Thankfully, there’s a way to circumvent the craziness of this season, and it comes in the form of your own backyard vacation destination.